Our Mission

To improve the odds of small business success with effective, relevant and timely education and support for all entrepreneurs.

You Spoke – We Listened

Over 200 of Canada’s best entrepreneurs helped us develop our comprehensive online training program for entrepreneurs. They told us what skills made the difference between business success and failure for them during start-up and growth. GoForth’s 100 Essential Small Business Skills™ Program is designed for busy, passionate entrepreneurs just like you.


Knowledge is power. More knowledge about small business means better, more profitable businesses - and that means a healthier, more vibrant economy. 


Together, we advance passion and help small business owners achieve their entrepreneurial dreams - big or small.


We deliver entrepreneurship education excellence through leadership in small business research - our knowledge becomes the best small business training in Canada. 


At GoForth Institute, we understand how difficult the life of an entrepreneur can be. We’re dedicated to helping and supporting entrepreneurs in Canada as well as in developing countries.

Our Story

Most small businesses fail. Why? Because most entrepreneurs lack small business skills. In 2009, GoForth Institute launched Canada’s leading online entrepreneurship training program to solve this problem – affordable, convenient, comprehensive small business skills training delivered to every corner of the nation. Over 10,000 entrepreneurs have used GoForth education to help them “know what they don’t know” about running a small business.

The GoForth Team

"I believe my own entrepreneurial success is due to my education, which was focused on small business. Entrepreneurs love to learn, but they aren’t interested in education that’s uninspiring or unaffordable. I started GoForth Institute to help Canada’s entrepreneurs strongly improve their odds of success in a way that’s relevant and accessible to everyone."

Dr. Leslie McGeough (Founder & CEO)

Rivers Corbett
Director, Partnerships; Co-Founder, GoForth Garage

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Samantha Garner
Director, Communications

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Alek Mlynek
Technical Consultant

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Making a Difference

Starting a small business is about much more than making a living – it can also liberate communities and create sustainable, positive change. 


For the extreme poor - people living on less than $1.25 a day - finding a way out of poverty can seem impossible. Many of the solutions available to them are temporary and unsustainable. So how can they save money and create a lasting future for themselves and their communities? TrickleUp is one group working to empower some of the world's poorest citizens to improve their livelihoods.

Since 1979, TrickleUp has been empowering some of the world’s poorest citizens to improve their livelihoods and their communities. TrickleUp offers one-time seed capital grants to entrepreneurs in impoverished countries, as well as skills training to launch or expand a micro-enterprise. The result? Increased household incomes, strengthened local economies, and financial and social empowerment.

GoForth Institute is proud to donate 1% of our small business training sales to support TrickleUp’s mission and programs.

“Everybody, no matter how poor, dreams of a better life and will fight for it, if given the opportunity.”

- Mildred Robbins Leet, TrickleUp Co-Founder

Our Partners

At GoForth, we’re proud to partner with great organizations across Canada that offer our training to their clients. We’re grateful to our partners who echo the importance of small business training, who provide value-added services and support to entrepreneurs, and who help Canada’s small businesses thrive.

Below is a small sample of the over 150 organizations in Canada offering GoForth Institute small business training to entrepreneur clients.

If you’d like more information about GoForth’s Partnership Program, or would like to offer our training to your clients, please Contact Us.




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